McGee and Panel Built, Inc. Partner to Develop Duracell Security Center

In January, Panel Built, Inc. announced their Project of the month: the Duracell Security Center, a custom external building developed to increase security at the Duracell distribution center in Fairburn, Georgia. This project, developed alongside Bryan Bear from McGee Storage and Handling allows Duracell security personnel to monitor guest and employee traffic in and out of the facility.

The new Duracell Security Center is a 20' x 20' guard booth delivered by Panel Built. On each side of the guard booth is a canopy, one measuring 26' x 24', the other measuring 20' x 9'. These side canopies encompass much of the day-to-day operations of the Duracell Security Center, serving as checkpoints for security and utilizing technology such as metal detectors and security turnstiles. The overall structure is able to withstand wind loads of up to 115 mph and the entire project was finished with paint which matched the design of the Duracell distribution center's main building.

Within the structure, there are accommodations for security personnel to complete their everyday work. Office space and a modular restroom assisted in making the space more versatile for the company's use-case.

This project's application differed somewhat from similar projects. While modular offices are typically installed within an existing warehouse space where utilities are already available, this time the McGee Storage & Handling Team helped to solve the issue of building this new structure in a space that was previously designated as parking and green space.

Taking on the role of general contractor, McGee managed the overall project, including the demolition and landscaping work required. Once that was completed, McGee oversaw the rough-in for plumbing and electrical lines needed to tie the warehouse's utilities into the new construction. McGee then poured a level, watertight slab to serve as the building's foundation. Once installed, McGee oversaw the installation of the bathroom, sink, HVAC and electrical connections. All of this work resulted in a first class facility that Duracell and the security team were proud to utilize for their operation.

McGee Storage and Handling proudly partners with Panel Built, Inc. creating solutions utilizing modular and pre-built construction along with custom mezzanine structures. Modular construction has many benefits, including durability, cost savings, and tax savings. Modular office spaces are expandable, highly durable, and can even insulate sound as needed. Learn more about McGee's in-plant offices at this page.

Are you in need of other services? McGee provides tailored solutions designed to solve material handling and product storage challenges. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can improve efficiency and product storage at your facility.

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