Materials Distribution

Free-Standing Mezzanine

Building Materials Distributor needs to create Floor Space for Off-Season Materials 

Capital Materials, Inc in Atlanta is a wholesale distributor of Building Materials and was in need of elevated area to store off-season products.  The end (back) of the building was chosen and a stout 250 psf was erected to allow any and all products to be stored.  A size of 100’ x 38’ with a 14’ deck height was chosen  

Mezzanine Double Slide Gate

The Mission

The mission behind developing a Storage & Distribution Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response was to safely store a vast number of vital supplies in a secured environment, that could be easily picked and combined into "kits", that when produced, could be quickly deployed to the disaster site.

The Challenge

At 250 psf capacity the columns loading far exceeded what the current concrete slab could withstand. Also the city of Atlanta could not be convinced that the mezzanine was not a permanent structure, although it was not attached anywhere to the building except the slab so full permitting with code adherence had to be developed. Also, by code the underside of the mezzanine had to be sprinkled.

The Solution

McGee teamed with Nova Engineering to first perform core samples and with that information design footers. Fowler Design and Associates were hired to develop the architectural plans (prove code is being adhered to for permitting). Interstate Concrete poured the footers and coordinated the inspections and Integrated Fire supplied the sprinkler system.

The Results

A 3,800 square foot floor of literal found space. The space under is still being utilized as usual and now the extra space gave Capital the flexibility of another level.