Pallet Racking

The two most common types of Warehouse Racking or Storage Racks are Roll Form and Structural Pallet Rack, which vary in construction and durability. More popular Pallet Rack styles include Tear Drop Pallet Rack, Keystone Pallet Rack and Bolt Together (Structural Pallet Racking). Dependent on your needs for product selectivity, system adjustability, and storage density, McGee provides any number of racking solutions, including Selective Racking, Drive-In Racking, Drive-Through Racking, Cantilever Racking, Double Deep Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Push-Back Racking and Pallet Flow Racking. Galvanized Racking also available.

McGee proudly represents Interlake Mecalux, Inc., Advance Storage Products, Engineered Products, and UNARCO Material Handling, Inc., along with other reputable rack manufacturers.


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Pallet Rack Types

  • Roll Formed Rack - Roll Formed Rack is the most common rack type in the industry. Sheet metal (13 -15 gauge) is pre-punched and then "rolled" to the shape desired for uprights and beams. The most common punch styles for connection are Tear Drop Pallet Rack and Keystone Pallet Rack. Roll Form Storage Racks are very strong for its weight, but lacks the durability of Structural Pallet Rack.
  • Structural - Structural Pallet Rack is constructed from high strength "C"-Channel and Angle for added durability and system rigidity. Rack Systems made from structural components can withstand far greater impact and fork lift damage, than roll formed rack. If damaged, structural steel rack can be repaired up to 90% of its original strength. Most common beam-to-upright connection is Bolt-Together, yet Tear Drop and Keystone punched structural steel uprights are also available.

Popular Pallet Rack Styles

  • Tear Drop Style - Tear Drop Pallet Rack is the most common style of Roll Form racking, by a significant industry margin. Structural Pallet Racking is occasionally punched in the Tear Drop Style to allow Roll Form beams to attach to a more durable Structural upright.
  • Keystone Style - Second to Tear Drop Pallet Rack, Keystone has a tapered rectangle connector to provide compatibility with Republic Pallet Rack and other keystone compatible Roll Form rack styles. Structural Pallet Racking is occasionally punched in the Keystone style to allow Roll Form beams to attach to a more durable Structural upright.
  • Bolt Together - Bolt Together racking is exclusive to Structural Pallet Racking. The downside to this style is the additional labor investment required to secure nut and bolts during installation. However, the total cost of a pallet rack system can be reduced when customers consider combining a structural steel upright with roll formed beams that have nut and bolt connections. The structural strength and durability of the upright maintained, while some of the installation costs are offset using less expensive roll formed beams.

Pallet Racking Systems

Static Rack Systems

  • Selective Racking - Selective Rack is the most popular type of Pallet Storage Rack System because it offers 100% selectivity of all pallets stored. A selective pallet rack system is top choice for warehouses that need to store palletized products with a wide range of products (SKUs). Each pallet and SKU can be accessed directly. Using Selective Rack, the storage rack system can be designed to adapt to any volume, weight or size of product. The two most popular types of selective pallet racking are "structural" and "roll-form".
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack - Drive-In Pallet Rack is an economical, high density type of Pallet Rack Storage System that offers a limited amount of selectivity, yet maximizes the use of available warehouse space. It is often used when there are many of the same type products (SKUs). Pallets are densely stored in bays, often dedicated to a given product. The forklift is driven into the rack structure, to load and retrieve pallets using one access aisle.
  • Drive-Through Pallet Rack - Drive-Through Pallet Rack offers the same basic benefits as the Drive-In Pallet Rack Storage System, with the only exception being the fork truck is allowed to enter one side and exit the other - "drive-through". There is access to the load from both sides of the storage system.
  • Cantilever Racking - Cantilever Racking is best suited for long or bulky items such as furniture, lumber, molding, pipes, tubing, and sheets of metal, wood or plastic. A cantilever rack system consists of a series of columns connected with horizontal beams to provide stability. A series of arms are connected to the column towers creating decks of infinite lengths. Product is then loaded on the arms. Single-sided cantilever racking is normally placed along a wall with access to one side of arms only. Double sided Cantilever racking provides for loading and access to both sides of arms.
  • Double Deep Rack - Double Deep Rack is a Pallet Storage System that when paired with a Double Deep Reach Fork Truck allows two deep pallet storage. Selectivity is gained when compared to Drive-In / Through Racking.
  • Narrow Aisle Rack - Narrow Aisle Rack is a high density type of Carton Storage or less than Pallet Storage System. Man-Aboard Order (also referred to as "Cherry") Pickers are guided down aisles with floor angle or magnetic guidance. Product is loaded and picked directly from the racks. Pallets can also be loaded and retrieved through the use of a Swing Reach Turret Truck.

Dynamic Rack Systems

  • Push Back Rack - Push Back Rack is a high density type of Pallet Storage System that stores pallets up to six positions deep per level. Push-back racking is ideal for storing medium-turnover products with two or more pallets per SKU. The pallets on each level are placed on a set of carts that are pushed along rails. Built on a slight incline, lower at the front, pallets at the back move forward when the pallet closest to the aisle is removed. This provides a first in, last out storage rack system. Push-Back Rack differs from Drive-In Rack and Drive-Through Rack in that the fork truck does not enter the rack system. Loading and unloading is carried out in a central aisle.
  • Pallet Flow Rack - Pallet Flow Rack provides a first-in, first-out high density Storage and Picking System. Pallets are placed in one end of the slightly-inclined rack system which uses gravity to allow the pallets to flow at a controlled pace, toward the picking end. Pallet Flow Rack provides the advantage of automatic stock rotation and is particular suited for warehouse storage of perishable goods inventory, and manufacturing facilities where the number of pallets per product is high. 

Used Pallet Racking

As a courtesy to our customers, McGee will entertain a used material buy back where needs change, or there is a new need to expand or modify your current system foot print. With this in mind, the availability of Used Pallet Racking material fluctuates greatly making it nearly impossible to list what may available on any given day.

When aftermarket materials become available for resale, McGee typically purchases only commonly sought items, such as: Roll Form Tear Drop Style and Keystone Style in popular sizes. Used Wire Decking may also be available.

Used Racking material is available on a first come, first served basis. Please call 770-458-4346 to inquire!
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