Case Study - QEP Company, Inc.

QEP Co. Continues to Find Success with McGee

Earlier in 2022, QEP Company needed someone to help them take on an especially large pallet racking project. QEP Company brought in McGee Storage & Handling to craft an effective design for their new warehouse, working in the limitation of the space to work to their advantage. QEP now boasts a 250,000 square foot warehouse that acts as a primary distribution center for the entire East coast.

McGee Storage & Handling and QEP Co. have been working together for nearly a decade to create effective storage solutions for their product. We are so glad to continue to work with QEP and are excited to share more about this year’s successful pallet racking project.

The Mission

The primary goal for QEP Company was to become a full-scale distribution point for the East coast. QEP had existing warehouses along the East Coast, with two in the Metro Atlanta area and another in Florida. QEP wanted to have all East Coast distribution take place under one roof, which would mean it needed to be large enough to handle the workload.

The Challenge

Sam Lunsford, Director of Operations with QEP, stated that finding a facility large enough that was available was difficult given the tightness of the market earlier in 2022. Lunsford said that the biggest challenge for a project of this size would just be getting things off the ground.

Aside from the initial challenges in finding a warehouse, the one QEP did find was an older building with some new additions. This meant that the clear heights would be different in different parts of the warehouse, adding to the design challenge.

The Solution

With the help of McGee Storage & Handling, the new warehouse was intricately measured and designed, with QEP there for every step of the process. Design implementation was clear thanks to clearly designed CAD drawings which were approved by the client. McGee was able to bring enhanced visuals of the design plan to life, along with making requested changes to the design on the fly. QEP’s new storage solution includes rack heights higher than they have utilized before, a pick tunnel for easy conveyance of product, and other customizations to improve QEP’s workflows.

The Results

Ultimately, McGee Storage & Handling was able to successfully design and implement a pallet racking solution for QEP Company. Their new warehouse’s varying clear heights were used to QEP’s advantage. Lower racks are in use to store flooring materials, while higher racks now store accessories and other products. QEP’s 250,000 square foot warehouse in Dalton, GA now acts at the distribution hub for East coast shipments, in a warehouse that is more than capable of handling the desired workload.

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