Automated Picking Systems

McGee partners with and recommends PeakLogix to provide ScottTech PickProTM and ScottTech BulkProTM to our customers with applications requiring automated picking systems.

1. Pick Pro Warehousing Control System Software

  • Interfacing to an upper level host system (ERP or WMS) and exchanging information required to manage the daily operations of the distribtion center.
  • Providing real-time directives to operators and material handling equipment controllers to accomplish the order fullment and product routing requirements
  • Allocating work to the various material handling sub-systems to balance system activity to complete the requested workload.
  • Dynamically assign cartons to divert locations based on defined sortation algorythms or based on routing/order information received from the host.
  • Generate result data files for reporting and/or upload by the Host System.
  • Collect statistical data on the operational performance of the syustem to enable operations personel to maintain the equipment in peak performance.
  • At each decision point, the WCS determines the most efficient routing of the product and transmits directives to the equipment controllers to achieve the desired result.
2. Pick to Light
  • Lights guide the pick or put to a location and quantity - "paperless" increases efficiency and accuracy - 99%!
3. Sort Bars
  • Sort picked items into batched orders being picked. Also used to batch puts in receiving.
4. Vertical Lift modules
  • Up to 80% reduction in space utilization.
  • +50% reduction in operational costs.
  • Protection against loss. Full traceability.
  • Only truly ergonamic solution on the market.
5. Horizontal and Vertical Carousels
  • Optimizing picking through design of "PODS" of carousel reducing pick times and increasing throughput.
  • Improved Accuracy especially when utilizing Pick to Light with the carousels (normally used together).
  • Space Savings - 60-80% reduction.
  • Extends order cutoff time due to increased throughput.
automated picking systems divided tray with pick to light
Divided Tray with Pick to Light
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Features and Benefits

  • Increased Productivity through product to picker.
  • Decreased picker search time.
  • Throughput rates up to 500 lines per hour.
  • Space Savings due to vertical utilization – 30-65% space savings.
  • Security is enhanced trough ability to lock product and control access.
  • Improve order cut-off times to better serve customers.
  • Improved location management bettering inventory integrity.
  • Less management of pickers and more focus on productivity.
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