Mezzanines utilize available overhead space to create additional storage, office and/or work areas. Construction materials vary as the design dictates with deck materials ranging from bar grating, plywood to concrete. Material Lifts are often used in conjunction with mezzanines to move materials to and from the deck surface.
20 foot mezzanine
Mezzanine – 20’ clear

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Benefits of Mezzanines

The benefits of building a Mezzanine level into your existing space are numerous.

  • Space Conversion - Unused space is fully-utilized at a fraction of the cost of new construction
  • Increase Floor Space - Mezzanines allow floor space to be added quickly without adding square footage to your existing facility.
  • Cost efficient - Mortgage or rent costs remain unchanged, with little impact to property taxes
  • Flexibility - Modular in design, Mezzanines can be moved or expanded easily
  • Stability - Bolt Together construction provides for a highly-stable structure
  • Custom Designed - Mezzanines are built to user specifications
  • Safety - Lifts provide a safe and efficient way to raise and lower product to and from a mezzanine level, when compared to manpower and fork lift equipment
McGee has successfully deployed mezzanine structures including materials from Panel Built, Inc., WILDECK, and Cogan, among others.

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