When Humidity & Heat Strike in the Warehouse

Georgia is known for its unpredictable weather from time to time, but when the summer months hit, the only sure thing is heat and humidity. On average, Georgia will experience its peak humidity levels between June and September. In the materials handling industry, we know that not only our employees need to be protected from the heat, but our products and facilities as well.

Sweating Slab Syndrome

There's a common term used in warehouses, especially in humid climates, known as "sweating slab syndrome." This term refers to a phenomenon similar to the condensation around a cold drink on a hot day, only you might want more than a coaster or a koozie to protect your building. This instance of concrete slab sweating happens when those cool concrete floors meet a hot and humid day, causing large scale condensation to build up on your warehouse floors. While you might be afraid of high cooling costs, the best way to remedy your "sweating" concrete is actually by way of warehouse fans.

Concrete moisture is important to manage not only in high-traffic areas, but in low traffic areas as well. If a portion of your warehouse is too moist or even holding standing water, you're at risk of harboring mold or mildew in your facility. On the opposite end, if a high-traffic area of your warehouse is riddled with slip-and-fall potential, your employees are facing the most risk to their safety. 

Spotting Moisture Problems in the Warehouse

When the ground below the concrete can't hold any more moisture, it will begin to seep into the inner flooring. There are a few visual signs to look for, which is discoloration spots on the concrete floor, salt residue from the condensation, cracking, peeling, or bubbling. You'll need to figure out where the problem has occurred and how much moisture is in the air; a concrete moisture test can help find the root of the problem.

Making the Most with HVLS Fans

One of the best ways to address moisture problems in your warehouse is by installing some high velocity or High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to increase evaporation rates on the inside. HVLS fans provide an excellent solution for warehouse heat and humidity due to their large fan blades. They are classified as any fan with a blade seven feet or longer across. Their large blades allow a high volume of air to be moved at a low speed, in turn reducing excess noise and cutting down on energy costs.

It's important to consider how you're cooling your warehouse to prevent disaster for your employees and equipment. In the summertime, it you may think it's expensive to keep an entire warehouse cool, but there is a cost-efficient way of regulating these temperatures. The use of fans is the best way to save money in the long run by proactively preventing damages and injuries.

High Velocity Fans

The fans help regulate condensation and are versatile to any warehouse. The come in sizes from 10" to 34" in diameter.


High Velocity Low Speed fans distribute large amounts of air and maintain temperatures throughout the summer and winter. In the summer it helps keep the air circulating and, in the winter, it helps push heat down.

Loading Dock Fans

Loading docks fans are used to help cool off trucks and disperse truck odors.

Pick Module Fans

Rack mount fans allow them to be mounted at the end of the modules, pallet racks, etc. They are also adjustable which allows the air to be directed in an area it's needed. Another option is the Quiet Fan, the main perk of this fan is how quiet it is and it allows the employees to be able to communicate with each other.

Your Warehouse Cooling Solution

When it comes to warehouse cooling there is no such thing as "one size fits all." You can choose multiple types of fans to cool your warehouse depending on size, layout, product movement areas and more. Our experts at McGee Storage & Handling are able to offer free consultations for your warehouse cooling solutions, and make recommendations with our industry-leading cooling partner, Patterson Fan Company.

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