McGee Storage and Handling Partners with FlexQube

Though COVID-19 has taken much from nearly all of us, we didn't let this pandemic stop us from adding FlexQube as a fantastic, new partner in 2020. FlexQube focuses on robust, modular, and flexible carts for Intralogistics, making them an asset to McGee Storage and Handling. What began as an idea inspired by Lego and modular flexibility over 20 years ago, has steadily grown into a publicly traded company on the Swedish stock exchange (2017), and now has a presence in over 22 countries. FlexQube just opened their Unites States headquarters in Duncan, South Carolina – only two hours from McGee Storage and Handling! 

What is Intralogistics?

You may be wondering, "What is Intralogistics and why should I care about it?" For the sake of simplicity, Intralogistics is the optimization of internal material flow within an organization so you can efficiently move product throughout a facility. The world's largest manufacturers rely on FlexQube to create carts (stationary, mother-daughter, fork-liftable, and towable), workstations, holding/presentation racks, and ultimately whatever your imagination can dream up. Simplified Intralogistics often utilizes the combination of tuggers or AGVs to pull carts that are efficiently designed to handle parts and/or products. While fork trucks and other lift equipment are terrific for loading and unloading trucks and racks, they're terrible at moving product. Click here to learn more about the flexibility and power of FlexQube.

Why FlexQube?

AGV and bot automation is intriguing at first glance but come with more maintenance and cost than most are willing to spend. The cost can be prohibitive as you have to be ready to pay for the initial setup, the cost of the unit(s) themselves, internal monitoring, yearly maintenance, and more. There is also an added burden on IT as well as a frequent need for dedicated WIFI networks, which create more hurdles than solutions. 

FlexQube, on the other hand, invented an autonomous smart cart that can act as a tugger or a transport for individual carts at a fraction of the cost. Implementation can be completed in as little as one afternoon while maintenance consists of a plug and play platform (remember Legos) that limits downtime. Its name is "eQart". To McGee, it means user-friendly automation for EVERYONE! 

What Does the Future Hold?

COVID-19 has taught the industry many things, with the most important being the need to be lean, smart, and flexible. We offer free on-site consultations to help potential customers identify what they need. We dedicate our time and resources because we are confident that the combination of our experience and FlexQube's ingenuity will help your company operate more efficiently. 

We are incredibly eager to bring this forward-thinking, flexible, and robust product to our clients in 2021! 

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